Why are Sony Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S4 excluded?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I have the following section for supported screens in my AndroidManifest.xml:


<!-- small devices, all densities -->
<screen android:screenDensity="ldpi" android:screenSize="small" />
<screen android:screenDensity="mdpi" android:screenSize="small" />
<screen android:screenDensity="hdpi" android:screenSize="small" />
<screen android:screenDensity="xhdpi" android:screenSize="small" />

<!-- average devices, all densities -->
<screen android:screenDensity="ldpi" android:screenSize="normal" />
<screen android:screenDensity="mdpi" android:screenSize="normal" />
<screen android:screenDensity="hdpi" android:screenSize="normal" />
<screen android:screenDensity="xhdpi" android:screenSize="normal" />

<!-- larger devices, all densities -->
<screen android:screenDensity="ldpi" android:screenSize="large" />
<screen android:screenDensity="mdpi" android:screenSize="large" />
<screen android:screenDensity="hdpi" android:screenSize="large" />
<screen android:screenDensity="xhdpi" android:screenSize="large" />

<!-- tablets/extra large devices, all densities -->
<screen android:screenDensity="ldpi" android:screenSize="xlarge" />
<screen android:screenDensity="mdpi" android:screenSize="xlarge" />
<screen android:screenDensity="hdpi" android:screenSize="xlarge" />
<screen android:screenDensity="xhdpi" android:screenSize="xlarge" />


In the Google Developer Console, Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy are marked as 'not supported'. How can this be? I basically covered all screen sizes up to xlarge. According to Table 3 at the Android Developer Guide (http://ift.tt/m4DFP8) the Sony Xperia (1980x1020 @ 423ppi) and the Samsung Galaxy S4 (1980x1020 @ 441ppi) would be in xlarge/xhdpi, albeit the densities certainly exceed the values in the table. Is there a higher density qualifier that I am not aware of? What other reason would PlayStore have to exclude these devices?

I have been trying to figure this out for some time now, any help is greatly appreciated.