which hosting provider is the best suited for the following web frameworks

Monday, July 7, 2014

As i have searched through the internet i have been able to find good sites to buy domain such as godaddy, namecheap ..etc . But i havent been able to know which is the best suitable hosting among services such as aws,digital ocean,linode,dreamhost and other provider for apps / websites based on : 1.Ruby on Rails 2.Laravel [php framework] 3.Node.js based frameworks

I basically want to build apps like : 1. a products listing site with dynamic listing with large databases so the hosting provider should be fast and able to handle and provide options for load balancing and scaling when necessary and esay to use. 2.to be able to store and stream videos via the hosting provider[like amazon s3 service] or any others ,so suport for using heavy bandwith . 3. And to host simple blogs or portfolio sites.

i used to host in godaddy[which has no support for Ruby on rails] so i am planning on changing to another hosting provider . And i am thinking of sites such as namecheap.com , aws , dreamhost , digitalocean , linode or any others.

So kindly guide me which host is better suited for my requirements so that i can run apps based on any of the above frameworks .