What key is Keys.Context1 tied to in Qt/QML?

Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm currently building a proof of concept application, on windows, testing out what I can do with QML but the end result is going to run on an embedded Linux system (which I'll need to learn too). I've been working with key handling (Enter, Up, down, Left and Right etc.) and noticed that there are 4 keys marked as Context1 to 4.

In the QtQuick docs there is reference to Keys.Context1..4 with associated onPressed events but not about how they are used. How do I find out what physical keys these are bound to, or how can I specify which keys they bind to?

context1Pressed(KeyEvent event)

This signal is emitted when the Context1 key has been pressed. The event parameter provides information about the event.

The corresponding handler is onContext1Pressed.