laravel how to get all the models except one

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I have a restaurant model and a waitingtime model. the relationship is one to many, everything is working , I am able to update, edit and delete

I can get all the waitingtimes for a specific restaurant like this

public function edit($id)
$res = Restaurant::find(4);
$allWaitingTimesForThisRestaurant = $res->waitingtimes()->get();

That gives me an array and I am happy with using it in my jquery when the page return.

My question

is there any way so I still able to get all the waitingtimes for a specific restuarant but without a specific waitingtime

for example, the input to the edit function is $id, and this $allWaitingTimesForThisRestaurant = $res->waitingtimes()->get(); returns an array of waitingtimes, so I need that array but without the waitingtime with the id=$id

can you help me please?

I feel that I didn't explain my problem well, if so kindly tell me to explain more.

many tnanks