J2EE programming.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I really want to learn java enterprise programming ad web services pretty much I would really like to learn java in depth especially applied to actual work place type of learning using java. I also want to learn javascript. I would like to know how hot is java in the current market right now, I know there is android, but other than that not too sure. I heard java enterprise applications is a pretty big market as well but I've heard both sides of the story. DO you feel pursuing advanced java for enterprise programming like j2ee and derived third party frameworks like Spring, activeMQ, and MVC is worthwhile in terms of landing an internship or good job? Bascially I would like to know which languages or frameworks are the most in demand and popular right now like asp.net, java, c#, javascript, php, rubyonrails, and stuff of that nature. I would like to invest my time wisely. THANKS