How to stop Flash Builder from caching Compiler config files specified by -load-config

Friday, July 11, 2014

Every time I try to change a compiler constant, it seems I HAVE to:

  • Do a Project -> Clean.

  • Close Flash Builder.

  • Wait for it to fully close (does it's Workspace save thing...)

  • Re-Launch Flash Builder (and again, wait for it to finish loading...)

  • Re-Build All (got 3 projects dependent of eachother).

  • Test Run/Debug it (or Export a Release version).

This is extremely annoying and time-consuming. Is there a setting somewhere I can set so that Flash Builder ALWAYS reads the latest changes in the custom Compiler config.xml file I've made?

It basically contains something like this: enter image description here

Changes to something as simple as the Version # becomes a long process.

Any workarounds?