Delphi | How can I Prevent these dialogs ? TWebBrowser

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hi all Delphi Experts , so i have a problem that is really annoying when i use Twebbrowser on my application , after few minutes of surfing the web , some ads popup and when i try to leave them it shows me this message : " Are you sure you want to leave this page ?"

The question is : how can i prevent Twebbrowser from showing such dialogs ? I tried to set webbrowser.silent := true; and it just stopped the annoying javascripts errors.

I want to completely surf the net with twebbrowser silently without any popups and alerts.

If you have a solution for this please add a source example because i don't know much "not expert enough " .

Do you think installing another webbrowser components will fix that ? if it's please suggests me a webbrowser components cuz i searched and i didn't found.

Any help will be much much appreciated ! :) thank you all <3