Automated build single developper

Friday, July 11, 2014

I know this may be overkill for a single developper solution (personal project and not yet entreprise software), but I was wondering how to better respond to my needs.

I would be needing to accomplish the following:

  • Run integration tests (none UI for the moment) at least daily in order to see if any of my commits breaks the build.

  • Build the entire solution daily to see if any of my commits are incomplete and would cause problems when checked out on another folder.

  • Be run on my personal computer at least once a day (using another computer to automate the build process is not an option for the moment)

I know that automated build software such as Jenkins are easily capable of doing the previous (even on the same machine as commited?), but I was wondering if lighter solutions are available. Ex: Post-commit actions on the repository?, scripts?, planned tasks etc...

Thanks for you answers (sorry for my english, my first language is french).