Array keeps returning only the last element. [C/Arduino]

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

i've a problem with an array (called "Inputs" of type "GeneralInput") on Arduino,basically,no matter which element i try to have access to,the code always returns me the last element of that array. Here's part of the code:

//...include statements
//other initializations
GeneralInput *Inputs[19];

void setup()

void InitializeInputs()
//type 0 = pedal switch; 1 = volume pedal
//type 2 = potentiometer; 3= switch;
//pedal switches
Inputs[0] = &GeneralInput(0,0,true,false,NULL,10);
Inputs[1] = &GeneralInput(1,0,true,false,NULL,9);
Inputs[2] = &GeneralInput(2,0,true,false,NULL,6);
Inputs[3] = &GeneralInput(3,0,true,false,NULL,5);
//volume pedal
Inputs[4] = &GeneralInput(4,1,false,false,NULL,A2);
Inputs[5] = &GeneralInput(5,2,false,true,mux2,5);
Inputs[6] = &GeneralInput(6,2,false,true,mux2,6);
Inputs[7] = &GeneralInput(7,2,false,true,mux2,7);
Inputs[8] = &GeneralInput(8,2,false,true,mux2,8);
Inputs[9] = &GeneralInput(9,2,false,true,mux2,9);
Inputs[10] = &GeneralInput(10,2,false,true,mux2,10);
Inputs[11] = &GeneralInput(11,2,false,true,mux2,11);
Inputs[12] = &GeneralInput(12,3,true,true,mux2,15);
Inputs[13] = &GeneralInput(13,3,true,true,mux2,14);
Inputs[14] = &GeneralInput(14,3,true,true,mux2,13);
Inputs[15] = &GeneralInput(15,3,true,true,mux2,12);
Inputs[16] = &GeneralInput(16,3,true,true,mux1,2); //switch
Inputs[17] = &GeneralInput(17,2,false,true,mux1,1); //x axis
Inputs[18] = &GeneralInput(18,2,false,true,mux1,3); //y axis

void loop()
int length=0;
//cycle through different inputs
int startIndex=0,endIndex=0;
//temp arrays
byte toSendTmp[30];
for(int i=0;i<30;i++)
int packetIndex=0;
for(int i=startIndex;i<endIndex;i++)
//if the input is updated,fill the array with the new data
* When i try to have access to the i-element i always get
* the last one instead.
toSendTmp[(packetIndex*3)] = Inputs[i]->GetID();
toSendTmp[(packetIndex*3)+1] = Inputs[i]->GetType();
toSendTmp[(packetIndex*3)+2] = Inputs[i]->GetValue();

And if needed here's the GeneralInput.h and GeneralInput.cpp code. NOTE: I can't tell if the array is always returning the last item or if every slot of the array is filled with a pointer to the same object (the last created).

Any idea on what i'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.