What is the fastest way to check if a mysql table is crashed?

Monday, June 30, 2014

I am new to mysql using MyISAM tables. What is the fastest way I can check if a mysql table is crashed? Below are the ways/things I have found which can help me to get result:

check table mysqlchk Program myisamchk Utility Select * from table_name limit 1 Desc table_name SHOW TABLE STATUS WHERE Name = 'table_name'

But could not determine which best suits below requirement:

  1. it should take least time to check table

  2. all other legitimate users should be able to select/insert/update/delete all tables without any issues

  3. it should not affect system performance

Currently I am not concerned about how to repair that table but to detect if any table has been crashed

Could anyone please help me in this regard?