Use markdown in hackpad api

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hope someone has used hackpad api before.

For some reason, I cannot make the syntax highlighting work with API.

content_type ='text/x-web-markdown'

template = '''

# Information (Speaker Only)
(speaker info, slide link, .. etc)

# FaQ (for everyone)

# Note (for everyone)

# Reference (for everyone)


def create_pad(id, title, content):
padId = temp.create_hackpad((title + u' #%s'%id).encode('utf8'),content, asUser = email, content_type= content_type)
padId_cache[id] = padId
return padId

temp = Hackpad('xxx','xxx','xxxx')

create_pad(1, 'test title', template)

The hackerpad python wrapper is from