IntelliJ - Android - Unable to start emulator, tried other stackoverflow responses, still no luck

Monday, May 5, 2014

I recently installed the Android ADT onto my computer and I am unable to get a AVD/Emulator running. I have tried heaps of fixes that I have found online but none seem to help. I have windows running of an SSD with some user Files on it, and a storage HDD with most of my user files on it. I have tried the fixes on this page, but it didn't help. I will attach a step by step on what I did and the results. I have trid this with chaging the C:\etc etc to D:\etc etc and still no luck. Let me know if there is any other information you need to help you help me with this issue.

Thanks for reading, hopefully we can resolve this issue.

P.S I have to use IntelliJ believe me if I could use eclipse I would, But i need to learn IntelliJ for uni :(

So apparently I can't post images. I'll host them elsewhere and link them, sorry for the stuff around.

Link to the images inlcuded in the images is: AVD Setup AVD details Disk setup Disks in the android folder Windows environment var IntelliJ varible The error :(it was there before and after doing the above steps :(