How do I get rid of these errors that Netbeans is reporting on my preprocessed CSS?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I use SASS to preprocess my CSS within Netbeans on Ubuntu. If I generate the CSS without minifying, I don't get any errors at all. However, I want to make the CSS minified, so I've added the --compass --style compressed options to the SASS command.

When SASS generates a minified .css file, Netbeans marks it with all sorts of errors. Mainly they say Unexpected token RBRACE found, Unexpected token NL found, Disable filtering of "Unexpected token IMPORTANT_SYM found" CSS parsing error, and Premature end of file.

Despite searching the net, I can't determine if these are errors or warnings that I should take seriously, let alone how to get rid of them. My web pages still seem to render with the right styles, so maybe it's just warnings from Netbeans.

If they're just warnings that don't affect anything, how do I get rid of them? If they are actual errors, why is the SASS preprocessor generating them?

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