Facebook App Submission - platform unclear

Saturday, May 3, 2014

To submit an app for review so that users of my app can post to FB through the app, I believe I must first choose a platform from the Settings --> Basic tab. I'm not sure which platform, if any, applies to what I am doing. Here is a description.

I am building a Windows app, but the app is not for sale. It is solely for one dedicated PC in a local store. The app simply allows a customer of this single store to upload a picture of his/her self trying out a product in the store (clothing). The app lets the customer post the picture to their own Facebook account and to friends. That's it.

So... the platform is not:

  • a Windows app, as the app is not for sale

  • a website (it is not accessible from this stores website)

  • an app on Facebook (since no FB visitor can access it online at FB)

Do I need to select a platform?